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 Guide for 99 magic is out now!

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PostSubject: Guide for 99 magic is out now!   Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:13 am

Ok, lets start.
This is the way we do...

Lets start!
First step is getting from 1 to 55 magic.You need runes for it, you can buy it from the magic shop at edgeville inside bank.You can train in training dungeon on a weak monster.I also suggest to wear armour that makes ur magic attacks +.When ur 55 magic u gonna read more of my guide xD!

Lets start!
2nd step is to get from 55 to 80 magic.You gonna high alg now hurray!Ok,buy like 2k nature runes and get a firestaff.It doesn't care what armour you wear, so you can wear your sexi boxxer.And go ahead alging runes or anything that algable is.
after you got 80 magic you gonna kiss my but and gonna read the last part of my guide.

Lets start!
3rd step is to get from 80 to 99 magic.You need a sara,zamorak,guthix cape.Also a sara,zamorak,guthix staff it must be like guthix whit guthix.Because we gonna use godspells amg!So now you know that we can get the magic up as a fucking beast roar!Get the required runes and then....use CHARGE<80 magic required!.After you use that you always hit 20+(<Lier...<Rofl, i'd owned u whit it slut).And go ahead you can train your magic to 99!

Grats to 99 magic!

Credits:10% my humor
90% meeee
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Guide for 99 magic is out now!
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