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 Guide to a pk pro...

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volcom valo

volcom valo

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PostSubject: Guide to a pk pro...   Sat Dec 20, 2008 6:06 pm

this is a guide to being pk and how to train....

* get new account go in bank... with cash buy arrow and a bow... go to train and kill rats and as you find ways to get richer ingame buy more arrows and better bows.... get to 99 range

then, get some def level 1 armor, and train str to 99 and attack to 99 (if you wish) and you will only be lvl 68-70

*then use your 99 range to get 99 hp... after that you are level 68-70 with the ammount to pk 100s-120s (i have done this X))

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Guide to a pk pro...
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