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 "'rush hour merchanting'" by volcom

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volcom valo

volcom valo

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PostSubject: "'rush hour merchanting'" by volcom   Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:46 am

Have you ever noticed a time when there is 54+ players online, but 7-8 in the bank? Trying to sell something but no one buys?, This is the BEST way to make profit and get your item sold quickly, Its called the rush hour, when the bank is full of people and trades happening everywhere, you want to sell at THIS TIME before everyone leaves... you say, buy an item from a low ruish time for less and when the rush comes you sell for higher, you can also make your own money by using skills to do it yourself.

now for q&as

How can I tell when the "rush hour" comes?
A. check every 10-20 minutes.

I cant get a buyer what do i do?
A. try to start merchanting a new product

No one sells the good items in low rush what do I do?
A. You can also try buying low in a rush hour then the next rush hour sell higher

What if my merchanting skills arnt that good?
A.You will get better the more you do it!

How can I sell my item without the rush hour?
A. some staff will yell your product and name out, which helps, so ask a staff member.

How can I tell the prices?
A. if you wish ask others, or just pm me if your buyer wont tell you right, pm me ingame with "volcom valo" Ill get you your price

What about item increases how can i tell these?
A. usually if you look arround others sell for higher, that is 1 of 2 signs
1) its the truth
2) its a scam

How can I avoid scams?
A. if it sounds to high, DON'T DO IT, another buyer/seller will come along.

What about any trade glitches?
A. we have a refund section, also make sure if its a disconnect hurry and click "screenshot" in client top, and report the glitch/dc to the forums.

How high can I go in price without it being a "scam"?
A. If you wish id recommend (depending on item) if its less than 50k only 20k+ if its 500k or more than only 150k-600k profit, BUT your the judge of it!!

What can I do if I cant sell an item at all?
A. there is vanaka out front talk to him, then go into his shop and sell, AS A LAST RESORT!!!!!!!!!

Has this ever worked 100%?
A. yes, I do it all the time, I guarantee it!

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"'rush hour merchanting'" by volcom
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