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 Could not complete Log-In.. (Read Mods/Admins)

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PostSubject: Could not complete Log-In.. (Read Mods/Admins)   Wed Dec 24, 2008 2:53 am

So basically what happened was, I have 2 accs... "born to pwn5" and "borns pker" , since borns pker is my pure, I kind of tend to put all my money on my pures... Well I'm on it more.
So I got a message saying "Could not complete login" , according to everyone, that means your account has been reset.. All my stuff was on "borns pker" , so all that hard earned cash
is gone, and I'm sick and tired of making money again... Basically I quit... But time to time I may log in..

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Could not complete Log-In.. (Read Mods/Admins)
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