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 chrismas day reset...

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PostSubject: chrismas day reset...   Thu Dec 25, 2008 3:15 am

yeah i got reset its fucking bs.... i was cb 117 with 99 str 99atck 75 def 99 mage 99 range 70 pray 99 hp all req for lunar done green p hat 3 d chains 1 d leg every barrows set d boots barrows whip and 2 furys and 100m cash but i got reset and my pics are old cuse i didnt think this was going to happen......

pick of my fire cape:

pick of old bank only 4 days old:

pic of me with green p hat d chain legs whip dfs in middle of edgv.

and a picture of my dh since bank dont have it in there:

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chrismas day reset...
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